A mental health point of view


Participants report the workshop:

* fosters greater ethics and integrity * helps balance work and life * boosts team morale * promotes a positive attitude * supports a healthy learning environment * improves sleep, anxiety, and depression

The Science behind SFT

Stress-Free teaching is based on research about stress and its effects on the brain. Research shows that prolonged stress actually has a negative impact on performance. Stress is associated with decreased performance in tasks that require attention, including the ability to shift focus, ostensibly by altering neuronal growth (Liston 2006). Our students require 100% of our attention and quick responses. When our brains are stressed, our response time and focus is decreased, affecting our performance.

Stress also impacts one's ability to connect with others, which is of note since building student relationships greatly impacts student performance. High levels of anxiety are associated with high self-focus (Eysenck 1997) rather than the other-focus necessary for building relationships. By reducing stress, teachers are able to focus and perform better and build more positive relationships. Furthermore, SFT techniques have been shown to reduce cortisone levels, the stress hormone, support the immune system and enhance brain function among other findings. For more information, please contact us.